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Latest Posts

Dog Leash Walking - Be More Interesting
  A quick video to show you some of the basic, often overlooked strategies for successful leash walking.    
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Stop Dog Counter Surfing
Learn easy and humane strategies to train your dog to stop counter or table surfing. Simple, easy to follow instructions. 
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No choke chain? Get out of puppy class!
I met someone recently who told me a story that floored me. She approached me while I was walking my three dogs and asked if I was a trainer. She had heard that I was and had a question for me.  She had a beautiful King Charles Cavalier puppy that was as sweet as could be. He acted like a normal 6-month old and approached my dogs with interest and a normal amount of hesitation when approaching my two big Collies and my Sheltie. 
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Dog Leash Pulling Strategies - Stay Close to Home
Stay close to home once you start leash walking. This video shows the simple, but effective strategy with Jeff Millman of Watch and Train and Chicago Paws. 
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Jeff's Other Dog Training Posts

Read Jeff's other blog posts from Chicago Paws Private Dog Training and Jeff is the National Dog Training Examiner.

  • Should you punish an aggressive dog?

    Your dog growls at your son when he walks by his food bowl and then snaps at him. He barely misses sinking his teeth into his 6-year-old leg.  Should you yell at your dog? Put him in another room? Something[…]

  • Should you allow your dog to mount other dogs, and other dog park questions

    Oh the joy of going to the dog park. You work hard all week, you want some quality time with your loved one and your other 4-legged loved one. You enter the park, your fluffy friend, Fido runs to...

  • Dog aggression - stacked triggers can bite you

    To rehabilitate an aggressive dog, it is important to know all of the triggers or causes of anxiety. Anxiety builds over time and can lead to a bite if it is not lowered. Triggers can be categorized in many...

  • Dog Tips for Frigid Winter Weather

    Dog Tips for Frigid Winter Weather I live in Chicago. On January 6, 2014 it was -15 degrees Fahrenheit. That wasn't with wind chill, that is not a typo. It was COLD. The wind chill that day was 50 - 60 degrees below zero. That...

  • Solve Dog Separation Anxiety and Barking

    Dog separation anxiety is one of the most challenging dog training topics. If you are in my travel area, I can come to your home and guide you through the process. The strategies are not difficult, but very time consuming. I[…]

  • Do not ignore a well behaved dog

    When dogs are pushy and out of control, the most useful strategy is to shape the absence of the behavior. This is accomplished by rewarding behaviors that are appropriate and either ignoring or using timeouts for behaviors that are not...