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The SENSE-ible™ harness is easy to put on and size. Once it is correctly fitted, you can use it instantly with your dog without any need for long acclimation periods.

There are a couple points to keep in mind and then you should download the handy fitting instructions and follow the simple to use instructions.

  • Make sure the straps on the side are vertical when looked at from the side
  • To accomplish this, lengthen the chest strap to make sure that the strap with the label and the belly strap are not touching the "armpit" of your dog or else it could rub and cause discomfort 
  • Tighten the top strap and belly strap to only allow one or two fingers space between the straps and your dog 
  • Once you have the harness sized, slide the black pieces against the medal buckles to prevent slipping and loosening

Download the Instruction Manual

Download the instruction manual for sizing and product information.  


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