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beagle_webThe SENSE-ible™ dog harnesses were designed to be gentle and give you the control that you need when walking your dog without using painful methods. The methods apply horse training concepts for a gradual and humane approach to developing a calm and responsive dog.

As you move the chest strap of the harnesses in different directions, your dog feels gentle pressure (sensations) behind his front legs and shoulders. This triggers an instinct to brace against the pressure and encourages your dog to move with you, without pulling on the leash!

The methods gradually turn the sensations into body cues. The cues teach dogs how to behave without stress or discomfort. The essence to Softouch methods is communicating clearly through your dog's "SENSE of touch."


  • Prevents choking, stress and injuries 
  • Helps solve pulling, lunging, jumping and other on-leash problems 
  • Good for normal, shy, nervous, fearful and aggressive dogs 
  • Helps train your dog ( sit, stay, stop, slow, heel and more) 
  • Greatly Increases communications between you and your dog 
  • Keeps your dog happy! 
  • Easy on and off 
  • All dogs can benefit 
  • You can use it with a collar 
  • Great for agility and pet assisted therapy
  • You can use it right away - no acclimation period required 
  • Easier to walk two dogs
  • Has a calming effect
  • You and your dog will both love it!
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