You know what your dog is thinking? Prove it.

As someone that thinks about dogs all the time, I am aware of collective gaps in dog trainer’s knowledge as a whole to prove “why” dogs perform a behavior.

There are numerous theories pertaining to dog behavior, but in reality many of them cannot be proven. There are deficiencies in understanding many dog topics that creates an inability to be able to definitively prove something in such a way that there can be no counter argument.

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Why did your dog do that? I don't know.

The other day a client asked me why her 1.5-year-old dog urinates on her living room rug about once a month.

My answer? I don’t know.

Just because I am a professional dog trainer doesn’t mean that I know why dogs always perform certain behaviors.

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Eat first and other ridiculous dog training myths

There are so many dog training myths perpetuated by old school techniques, bad trainers, or trainers that do not give their clients the benefit of the doubt and "dumb down" everything into simple sound bites.

There are some very popular dog trainers spouting these "sound bites" that get re-hashed into common dog training lexicon. The ones that suffer are the poor dogs.

 Here are some of the myths that get "whispered", shouted and repeated all over.
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