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Barking - Identification and Treatment

$6.99 each

Learn specific ways to get your dog to stop barking quickly and humanely.

I have trained thousands of dogs since my professional career started in 2002.  I work in Chicago, IL with all types of dogs from Yorkies to Pit Bulls. Since I don't have to travel to your house, I can charge much less for my expertise, and you can get started immediately. With my private business I am routinely booked 6-10 weeks ahead of time. Why? Because my techniques are easy to understand, humane, and they WORK.

What is Included

50 pages of barking tips, strategies and solutions covering the following topics:

  • Train your dog be calm around the doorbell
  • How to stop fear barking
  • How to build confidence
  • How to setup situations and work on them whenever you have time
  • Train your dog to stop barking out of the window
  • How to get him to stop barking at other dogs or people
  • How to have a calmer, happier dog
  • and more!

Sound Like Your Dog?

  • Is your dog afraid and barks at other dogs, noises or people?
  • Does he bark at the doorbell or vacuum cleaner?
  • Does he demand attention by barking, pawing or jumping on you? 
  • Does he bark behind a window or fence?

Did You Know

Did you know that persistent barking can often lead to aggression?  -- you might even be seeing it already. Dogs bark for specific reasons, including fear, territorial aggression, boredom, separation anxiety or other reasons. If dogs continue to exhibit certain types of barking, they are learning how to respond to the environment in an agitated manner, often leading to lunging on leash or around guests in the home.

Receive Your Book Immediately

This is a digital download, you will not receive a book in the mail. You can read this on your computer, smartphone or tablet with easily available PDF Readers. You can download free software here, if your computer doesn't have it installed. Most computers have it already. Digital downloads are convenient, environmentally-friendly, and help keep costs low. 

Money Back Guarantee

I offer an unconditional six month money back guarantee that this will help solve your barking problems. If you do the recommended exercises and don't see noticeable improvement in six months, let me know and I will refund your money. Period. My goal is to help you and your dog in a logical, humane, effective manner.  All EBooks comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Read about the guarantee here.

Which EBook is Right for You?

Not sure which EBook to buy? If your dog barks at people, dogs, noises, the vacuum cleaner or other things that he sees, or when he wants food or attention then you should buy the Barking - Identification and Treatment EBook. If, however, your dog barks when alone, you should buy the Complete Guide to Barking and Separation Anxiety for only $7.99 which will help with both barking and separation anxiety.

All EBooks comes with a six month money back guarantee. Read about the guarantee here.

You will see results. Period.

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