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Separation Anxiety - Identification and Treatment

$5.99 each

Stop the barking, neighbor complaints and agonizing stress thinking of your dog's stress and discomfort. 

Separation anxiety is thought to be the most challenging dog training topic. From the stress of knowing that your dog is not happy, to neighbor complaints and cleaning up various messes when you get home. Separation anxiety is a serious, challenging dog behavior problem. Purchase your guide for specific step-by-step instructions for stopping separation anxiety issues logically and humanely.

I have trained thousands of dogs since my professional career started in 2002.  I work in Chicago, IL with all types of dogs from Yorkies to Pit Bulls. Since I don't have to travel to your house, I can charge much less for my expertise, and you can get started immediately. With my private business I am routinely booked 6-10 weeks ahead of time. Why? Because my techniques are easy to understand, humane, and they WORK.

What is Included

  • 36 pages of separation anxiety tips, strategies and solutions
  • Learn how to identify if your dog has separation anxiety. Did you know there are more than 5 specific signs that indicate separation anxiety?Are your neighbors complaining? Get started today! 
  • Learn how to stop the stressful and annoying barking. Is your dog having accidents when alone even though he or she is housetrained? This is one sign of separation anxiety. 
  • Learn how to solve these problems and more.

No Book is Shipped

This is a digital download, you will not receive a book in the mail. You can read this on your computer, smartphone or tablet with easily available PDF Readers. You can download free software here, if your computer doesn't have it installed. Most computers have it already. Digital downloads are convenient, environmentally-friendly, and help keep costs low. 

Money Back Guarantee

I offer an unconditional six month money back guarantee that this will help solve your dog's separation anxiety problems. If you do the recommended exercises and don't see a noticeable improvement in six months, let me know and I will refund your money. Period. My desire is to help you and your dog and this handy EBook instantly downloaded to your computer will do just that.

Which EBook is Right For You?

Not sure which EBook to buy? If your dog is anxious before you leave or when alone and only barks when you are not home, then all you need is the Separation Anxiety - Identification and Treatment EBook.

However, if your dog has any other barking issues such as barking at the vacuum or doorbell or barking at other dogs than you should buy the Complete Guide to Barking and Separation Anxiety for only $7.99.

All EBooks comes with a six month money back guarantee. Read about the guarantee here. 

You will see results. Period.

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