Stay close to home once you start leash walking. This video shows the simple, but effective strategy with Jeff Millman of Watch and Train and Chicago Paws. 

Stop Leash Pulling - Stay Close to Home

This is a simple, but often overlooked strategy when working on leash walking strategies. Dogs pull towards . . . anything that they are interested in. If you stay close to home, your dog will get used to (or even bored) with the location and will pay more attention to you if you are interacting with him. 

Every step you take farther away from home, the more likely your dog will be distracted. A distracted dog is harder to train than a dog that is more focused. 

As your dog improves his performance, then you can start walking farther away from home. 

A Real Life Dog Training Story

I was training a dog many years ago that did GREAT right near her house, but as soon as we crossed an invisible line 4 houses from hers, I completely lost her attention. If I backed up over the line again, she was focused on me. So, I worked more within her comfort zone and did "laps" back and forth until she was looking at me and walking nicely for extended periods of time. Then, and only then, did I cross that line and expand her training area.

After a few fits and starts, she was able to focus on me in the new area. I also reserved toys and extra special treats for the new area. But, retreated closer to her house if I lost her focus. 

Enjoy the video, and keep this point in mind when working with your dog. 

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