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Leash Training - Work Inside With Your Dog First


Train your dog not to pull by starting inside using a leash. Watch Jeff Millman work with Cheese, a golden doodle and learn how to train inside to limit the distractions. 


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Dog Leash Walking - Let's Go

Leash Walking Lets Go

Train your dog the meaning of the command "Let's Go". This is one of the basic principles needed to work on leash walking so your dog doesn't pull. 


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Dog Leash Walking - Walk Away

Train your dog to walk away if the leash is tight
It is important that your dog understands that if the leash is tight he should walk the other direction, or "walk away". This video shows simple steps to make this happen. 
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Cathy F.
Thank you for the information on Dog Leash walking. The videos have been helpful to watch and learn from them. I will have to go t... Read More
Monday, 05 December 2011 22:52
Jeff Millman
Cathy, I am glad the videos have been helpful. Keep watching and noticing the small improvements. They add up! Thanks for the comm... Read More
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 04:40
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Dog Leash Walking - Eye Contact


Teaching eye contact to your dog is an important strategy for basic leash walking. 

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