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Girth Measurement

HarnessMeasure1Using a flexible measuring tape (or leash), measure from just behind the front legs all the way around your dog. You are measuring the circumference of the body just behind the front legs, like measuring for a "belt.". Then select the proper size using the girth measurement and the chart below.


Girth Measurement Chart

Please note that the measurement is the best way to get the correct size - DO NOT USE THE WEIGHT RANGE ONLY - to select a size.

The weight is listed simply to provide the general rule of thumb about the relationship between weight and size. For instance, a 70lb. Golden Retriever might need a Medium/Large or a Large depending on the Girth Measurement. 

Girth Range
Weight Range
20" - 24.5" 21 - 33 lbs.  Small
24" - 28"
34 - 60 lbs.
27" - 32.5"
45 - 73 lbs.
32" - 40"
75 - 130 lbs.
39" - 50"
130 - 200 lbs.

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