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Harness Help

The SENSE-ible™ harness is easy to put on and size. Once it is correctly fitted, you can use it instantly with your dog without any need for long acclimation periods.

There are a couple points to keep in mind and then you should download the handy fitting instructions and follow the simple to use instructions.

  • Make sure the straps on the side are vertical when looked at from the side
  • To accomplish this, lengthen the chest strap to make sure that the strap with the label and the belly strap are not touching the "armpit" of your dog or else it could rub and cause discomfort 
  • Tighten the top strap and belly strap to only allow one or two fingers space between the straps and your dog 
  • Once you have the harness sized, slide the black pieces against the medal buckles to prevent slipping and loosening

beagle_webThe SENSE-ible™ dog harnesses were designed to be gentle and give you the control that you need when walking your dog without using painful methods. The methods apply horse training concepts for a gradual and humane approach to developing a calm and responsive dog.

As you move the chest strap of the harnesses in different directions, your dog feels gentle pressure (sensations) behind his front legs and shoulders. This triggers an instinct to brace against the pressure and encourages your dog to move with you, without pulling on the leash!

The methods gradually turn the sensations into body cues. The cues teach dogs how to behave without stress or discomfort. The essence to Softouch methods is communicating clearly through your dog's "SENSE of touch."

  1. How are these harnesses different from other harnesses? 
  2. Are the harnesses only for training? 
  3. Is there an immediate result to stop pulling? 
  4. Why does my dog still pull in the harness? 
  5. Can my dog slip out of the harness? 
  6. With the leash ring on the front of my dog, does the leash go under him as we walk? 
  7. Can a harness be left on a dog in place of a collar? 
  8. What is the collar-harness leash attachment? 
  9. Can I use the harness with a long leash? 
  10. Can rubbing or chaffing occur with the harnesses? 

Softouch Concepts, Inc., the manufacturer of the SENSE-ible™ harnesses handle all repairs directly at their factory. Simply return the harness to them following the instructions on their site and they will get your harness back in shape and ship it back to you good as new!


Visit the Softouch concepts website and follow their instructions for repairs or alterations. 

Softouch Concepts, Inc. 
 29460 Union City Blvd.
Union City, CA 94587

Call (866) 305-6145, toll free

If your harness does not fit your dog and you need another size, I will gladly exchange your harness for another size. I will allow exchanges within 10 days of the delivery date to you. Naturally, we expect that you will return the harness to us in the original condition we sent it to you.

Please indicate your order number or provide a copy of the sales receipt included in your original order. Also, let me know what size you need or the measurements of your dog. I can send the correct size from your measurements. You are responsible for return shipping costs from your location. I suggest sending the harness back to us via USPS (US Mail), insured - or UPS if you prefer. We will mail the new size back to you in 1-2 business days after we receive your return.

Girth Measurement

HarnessMeasure1Using a flexible measuring tape (or leash), measure from just behind the front legs all the way around your dog. You are measuring the circumference of the body just behind the front legs, like measuring for a "belt.". Then select the proper size using the girth measurement and the chart below.

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International Shipping is not available. However, EBooks are delivered digitally and are available for instant-download everywhere, and don't count towards shipping costs for domestic orders. 



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