This video discusses puppy biting and children. How to manage a puppy and a small child. 


Should You Wrestle With Your Dog?

You need to make sure that your puppy always maintains a safe level of behaviors. If your puppy learns to play rough with everyone, that could be a really dangerous combination with your child. I recommend ZERO wrestling with puppies until they are older and have shown to have a consistently soft mouth. 

Of course, I a also assuming that you are gently and safely "wrestling" with your dog and that he actually likes it. 

Socialize to Children

Whether you have children in the household or not, it is very important that you properly socialize your puppy to kids so he is not anxious around them. Safely bring your puppy around children and give him treats that he LOVES. If he ever doesn't take the treats, you know he is stressed out and you need to move him to away from the children. 

Never let kids treat your puppy roughly or chase him. Puppies can quickly get bad associations with someone and you might not realize until it is too late and a bite occurs. 

The socialization period is most important before a puppy is 20 weeks of age, so don't wait. 

Always Have an Adult Around

I have been training dogs professionally for a long time. Often clients hire me in utter dismay that their dog bit their child. It is sometimes difficult to see the signs of anxiety before they turn into aggression. It is impossible to see those signs if you are not in the room. 

Dogs have sharp teeth and children have sensitive skin and curious personalities that can lead to pulling, grabbing, and being too rough around dogs. 

Assume that your dog is going to bite your children and you will be much better off than taking chances.