A quick video to show you some of the basic, often overlooked strategies for successful leash walking.  



Most Important Dog Leash Walking Strategy


This is a simple, important concept to help you take your leash walking to the next level.


Be. More. Interesting.




Every dog is different, but a constant with dogs is that look for things to watch, chase, or keep their attention. If you can fulfill those things for your dog, he or she will look to you for fun during the walk. 


Different Things That Keep a Dog's Attention


There are many options for keeping a dog's attention including speed of movement, toys, petting, etc. Here is my list of favorite strategies:

    • Whisper. Dogs often pay attention to me when I lower my voice. It is almost as if they are trying to figure out what I am saying or wondering why I am doing that. 


    • Speed up or slow down. Try running when your dog looks at you, or walk REALLY SLOWLY and watch your dog's reaction. 


    • Use an outside-only toy that your dog loves and have it "magically appear" when he comes by your side. 


    • Throw a toy. Don't throw out your shoulder if your dog pulls you, but throw it for your dog to chase. You can also use a long leash to give more leeway. 


    • Treats. Of course treats are also an option. 


    • Training in general. Work on leave it, stop, let's go, sit, down or stay. 


    • Say, "One, two, three . . . " and then run or pet your dog or act goofy. Dog's can anticipate something fun and get excited. 

Try what works with your dog and have fun!


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