Housetraining - what to do if there are accidents


Learn what to do if there are accidents during housetraining and how to fill out the free Housetraining Chart. 
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How to get a break from your new puppy

  1. It is so easy to feel like your new puppy is taking over your life. In some ways this is true and unavoidable due to the fact that you now have a new little one that you have to take care of and keep safe.

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Does a dog barking in the crate mean separation anxiety?

Tonight it happened again. I had a session with a client that thought their puppy “was screaming bloody murder” in the crate and were anxious to get my opinion  about whether their puppy had separation anxiety.

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Tips for crate training your dog. Number one, get over the guilt

Do you want to prevent destruction, prevent separation anxiety, housetrain your puppy faster, train your dog faster and lessen overall frustration? Use a crate!

There are so many statements, misconceptions and questions about crate training that I hear all the time that I wanted to help clear up some of the confusion.

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Five great things that happen (eventually) with puppies

Puppies are incredibly challenging. There is no doubt about this, but life with a puppy gets easier as long as you manage their environment to lessen mistakes and inappropriate behaviors as well as provide enough physical exercise and training. My job as a professional dog trainer involves many roles including teacher, cheerleader (you CAN housetrain your puppy!!), as well as sounding board for problems and troubleshooting.

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