No choke chain? Get out of puppy class!

I met someone recently who told me a story that floored me. She approached me while I was walking my three dogs and asked if I was a trainer. She had heard that I was and had a question for me. 

She had a beautiful King Charles Cavalier puppy that was as sweet as could be. He acted like a normal 6-month old and approached my dogs with interest and a normal amount of hesitation when approaching my two big Collies and my Sheltie. 

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Jumping prevention - train your dog not to jump by using a leash


How to use the leash as a quick, gentle and easy way to prevent puppy jumping. 
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Housetraining basics - teach your puppy where to go


Understand the basics of motivation and how to teach your puppy to go potty in the correct location. 

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Housetraining - what to do if there are accidents


Learn what to do if there are accidents during housetraining and how to fill out the free Housetraining Chart. 
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Dog training rules of tug - drop

Learn how to teach your dog to drop items. This is one of the important concepts to safely play tug with your dog.
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Teach your dog to have a soft mouth


Use meal times to teach your puppy to have a soft mouth. Easy and fun!

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Puppy biting and kids


How to handle biting puppies and kids. What can you do to keep everyone safe? What is acceptable behavior? 

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How to stop your puppy biting your feet

This is a common issue with new puppies that can cause quite a bit of frustration and pain. Here is the scenario: the puppy often starts out being playful, but then gets worked up and starts nipping feet, pants, long skirts or anything within reach of his razor-sharp puppy teeth.

One client dealt with this every morning while she got ready for work.

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Getting a puppy for someone else? Good idea?

I just got off the phone with someone that called in a panic.

The three month old puppy that she got for her brother was not doing well. He is extremely busy and is having difficulty making the situation work. The woman that I spoke with was frantic because her brother was talking about finding another home for the puppy.

I told her sounded like the right decision.

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Is it bad if your puppy stops walking?

Your puppy will not turn into a lazy, adult dog if he stops and refuses to move when you try and take him for a walk. There are so many concerns about puppy development and I hear this one frequently.

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