Slow come when called? Here are some recall tips for you and your dog.

There are many strategies to work on teaching your dog to come to you faster when called. One of my favorites is to work on a distance “stay”, and then ask the dog to “come”.

What happens very consistently is that dogs will pay attention as the trainer is walking backwards in anticipation of being released. Also, often dogs want to follow but are told they have to stay instead. “You want to come after me? Sorry you have to stay!” Think of it as reverse psychology.

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Dog doesn't come when you call? Try this

Come when called, or recall, is one of the more important behaviors that you can teach your dog. It can also be frustrating to teach if you don’t know some simple rules. Sometimes people get frustrated because their dog “just isn’t getting it” as quickly as they would like. I don’t put a timeframe on training.

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Teach a dog to come when called - the important of consistency in dog training

"Come on guys let's go for a walk."

Blank stares . . .

"Ranger, Trooper, Linus, Come."

Three furry friends come running.

I realized that I never taught my dogs what "Come on guys let's go for a walk" meant. That was many years ago, and since then I have taught them that, but it reminded me of the importance of consistent teaching and that . . . dogs don't understand synonyms!
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