Jumping prevention - train your dog not to jump by using a leash


How to use the leash as a quick, gentle and easy way to prevent puppy jumping. 

This is a simple strategy to incorporate into your daily routine to prevent your dog from jumping. Use this in conjunction with other positive reinforcement strategies. 

Watch the video and read the short post for more explanation. 

Change the Behavior . . . Change the Behavior

If you simply take jumping out of your dog's repertoire, eventually he will redirect his behavior into a different behavior. This strategy comes into play when you are simply not able to focus on training or if your dog is too excited to pay attention to the training that he has learned. 

Examples of situations where this strategy can be very useful:

  • When kids are petting your puppy and you don't want him to nip or scratch the kids
  • When guests are over and you are opening the door to let them in and your puppy is jumping
  • When you meet someone outside that you want to have a conversation with and can't focus on your puppy the whole time

Did You Know Puppies Can Jump on Other Dogs?

A lot of people have questions about allowing their dog to jump on other dogs. As long as the other dog is not aggressive or has arthritis or other injury, puppies can jump on other dogs. This will not "transfer" to jumping on people. Dogs can learn that they can jump on other dogs but not people. Just be really cautious that the other dog is not aggressive. One bad interaction can unfortunately be traumatic for puppies. 

One Strategy of Many

This is simply one strategy that can prove useful in some situations. Look for other videos with more jumping strategies. 

Happy Training!

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