Dog jumping problem? Teach patience.

Teaching patience is an important element to training a dog not to jump. Learn how by watching the video and reading the article. Feel free to add comments with tips that work for you!

Train Your Dog Not To Jump

There are two important elements to training this behavior. Teaching the initial concept of, "jumping does NOT get you things" and also teaching not to jump for an extended period of time. Most people would agree that a dog that is patient for a second or two and then jumps is still not trained properly.

Let's train your dog not to jump at all, okay?

Many Opportunities to Train

There are tons of opportunities to work on jumping if you notice them. Here are some examples of ways to prove to your dog that jumping doesn't work. Here is a list of some of the rewards. Simply wait until your dog sits before giving it to him. I show it in the video for reference using his food.

  • His food
  • Treats
  • Toys he likes
  • Bones
  • A guest walking in the front door (hold the leash or tether your dog and wait until he sits before the guest says, "hello"
  • A yummy stuffed Kong

Verbal Praise - A Natural Timer

As shown in the video, using verbal praise can quickly increase the time period between treats. Simply try and add more verbal praise and less treats in the same period of time. For instance, if your dog can sit for 10 seconds, start with giving him as many treats as he needs to hold that sit. Let's say you gave him 3 treats in 10 seconds. The next time, add verbal praise before you start giving treats and maybe give 3 good boys and 2 treats. Eventually you can give him one treat for the whole 10 seconds. You can also increase the amount of time and eventually your little guy is patiently waiting for treats, petting, toys, etc!

If Your Dog Jumps

Easy. Simple. Just remove the treat, person, toy, bone, etc. that he wants. That's it. Yes, that will work. I promise. As long as you, your family, and EVERYONE that interacts with your dog understands the same rules .  . . this will work.

If You Need A Refresher

Use a Tether

A tether is simply something that prevents him from following you if you walk away. You can attach a leash to a doorknob, a railing, under a chair leg, etc. You should walk away for a short period of time (5-10 seconds) and come back only if he is calm. If he is barking or jumping, you have to wait until he calms down. When he sits, give him the reward. Easy!

How Long Does This Take?

It depends on how consistent you are. If you AND EVERYONE else that interacts with your dog is consistent and NEVER gives him what he wants when he jumps, you can see amazing results in a few days to a few weeks. If anyone ever rewards your dog for jumping, the whole process is going to a lot longer because jumping still works. Why should he not jump when it works for him?

See my other jumping videos for more tips on jumping.

Happy Training!

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