Calm your hyper puppy, quickly and humanely.

Do you have a puppy that has so much energy, is jumping on you, biting everything, pulling on the leash and just acting crazy?

This is a really simple dog training trick that works for puppies or older, over-exuberant dogs to calm them down and teach them to focus and be more composed.

Put your dog on leash so the little bugger can’t run away from you. Stand above him and put his favorite treat in between your thumb and index finger. Don’t say anything to your puppy but SLOWLY (I am serious, very SLOWLY) move the treat closer to your puppy. He doesn’t need to sit, necessarily, but if he jumps or tries to grab the treat, simply move the treat out of his grasp and continue the exercise.

What should happen very quickly is that your puppy realizes that he needs to remain calm in order for the treat to continue moving in his direction. If his puppy brain loses control and he tries to grab the treat, the treat moves away, darn!

So, this gets him to focus and remain calm, even for a short amount of time. But, if you practice this periodically throughout the day, you should start to notice that you can more quickly get your puppy to calm down.

This is just one simple training trick that you can do. Of course your puppy should know behaviors on cue such as leave it, drop it, off, come, stop, etc. But, this can help focus your puppy so then you can start other training tasks.

Happy Training!

Focus your dog training efforts and have better re...
Dog Training Tip – Don’t. Repeat. Cues.

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