Cattle Dog rescue organization

I recently read about a new rescue organization devoted to helping Australian Cattle Dogs find a good home. Australian Cattle Dogs were included on my list of high-energy dogs and it is not surprising that many people find them extremely challenging.

As reported on, The Rocky Mountain Cattle Dog Rescue, founded by Bunny Eisele, of Denver, is a group dedicated to saving and fostering cattle dogs to be adopted into homes around Colorado.

The Australian cattle dog is a heeler breed -- a mix of collie, Dalmatian and dingo, according to Eisele.

"They are bred to herd and bred to be tough," she said. Inherently, cattle dogs were bred to work on a ranch, herding livestock.

However, because of this attitude, Eisele said often many of them who end up in shelters are put down because they aren't sociable dogs.

Cattle dogs are suspicious of strangers, so they won't run up to people and ask for attention. Instead, Eisele said, cattle dogs prefer one-on-one care and develop bonds with their owners.

I agree with everything in the article and have been fortunate to work with many Cattle Dogs over the years. I find them to be extremely smart, hard working and very confident. They can be a bit reactive around other dogs and also a bit more challenging to socialize, probably due to their Dingo heritage.

Make sure you do your homework and have a lot of extra time to devote to training and exercise if you plan on adopting a Cattle Dog. They are quite unique and not for the couch potato guardian.

If you are in the Denver area and are up for the challenge of a very unique breed, contact the Rocky Mountain Cattle Dog Rescue. Their site can be found at or call 303-991-1869.

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