Dog training expectations

Performance is something that changes moment to moment. When you are training your dog, you need to always pay attention to how well she is doing. If she is consistently distracted by something in the environment which causes her behavior to fluctuate, you have a few options.

  1. Train another day. You might be at the dog park providing your pooch with some much needed exercise and you realize that she is extremely distracted and not paying attention to your cues. Get SOMETHING - even as simple as a sit - and then let her play.
  2. Move farther away from the distraction and keep working. Do a quick session and then reward a snappy response by allowing her to go back to what she was doing.
  3. Provide more help. If she is distracted and is not listening when you say, "Come!" have her trail a leash and hold it before you say it again. Then, say, "Come", gently pull the leash towards you, tap your leg, walk backwards, etc. To help the behavior happen. Then, reward her and do it again. When she does the behavior on her own, let her go back to what she was doing.
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