Football season - a great opportunity for dog training

I love football. My wife is not too thrilled with this “problem” but she overlooks it once (or twice a week) during the winter. But, you know what? Your dog and your spouse doesn’t have to suffer! Use this as a structured training time to train your pooch. Here is one example of how to use your football time efficiently:

  1. Don’t feed your dog his breakfast that day to make this even more of a special event
  2. Take your dog's food bowl and put it out of reach of him
  3. During the game, take small handfuls of it and periodically give small bits of it while he is lying nicely either next to you on the couch or on the floor
  4. Add more time in between tidbits to work on increasing patience and working on a nice “down stay”
  5. You can also stuff bigger portions or treats in a Kong or other stuffable toy and give it to him to keep him busy
  6. During the commercial break get up and do 2 minutes of training
  7. Introduce more advanced placement commands and reward these: examples include “go to bed”, “lie down next to couch”, etc.
  8. Once the game starts again, sit down and continue

What could happen by the end of the season:

  1. Your dog will see you plop on the couch, remote in hand and lie down next to you
  2. Your dog will see you sit down and go to his “spot”
  3. Your dog will learn to be patient when he is not getting full attention
  4. You will have a better trained, happier dog
Your spouse will be appreciative of all the hard work you put in and will enjoy your well-behaved dog even more
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