Guilty that your dog is bored? Here are tips to prevent boredom.

Preventing dog boredom is one of the constant challenges that dog guardians face. There are many simple strategies that you can use to help your pooch be happier and more content. Here are a few suggestions for you to get started, and you can find the rest by listening to my radio show about preventing dog boredom.

  1. Nothing for free. Make sure that you use life rewards including your dog's food, walks outside, or games of fetch. Have your dog do short training sessions before he gets something in return. This will help structure your day and remind you to do more training. Training is important for a happy, content dog.
  2. Classes. Advanced obedience, agility, flyball, sheep herding, Canine Good Citizen, or therapy dog. Find a fun positive reinforcement training class or something more unusual such as sheep herding with your dog. Don't be intimidated; good trainers will make everyone feel comfortable!
  3. Field trips. Even driving your dog a couple blocks from your house will provide him new smells, new dogs to meet and a fun outing for your pooch.
  4. Outdoor Restaurants. Take dogs to restaurants for a fun outing. If you dog can't handle it, spend time working on the necessary training and socialization to make it happen.
  5. Kong Finds. This is one of the easiest ways to tire out your pooch. Teach your dog to stay and then hide his favorite treats in a Kong or other hard rubber toy.
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