How to teach your puppy to be patient

One of the most productive uses of your time with your new puppy is to work on patience exercises. The opposite of a calm, patient dog is a pushy, frustrated, barking dog that can’t be alone and has no impulse control.

What does this dog look like? It looks like the numerous dogs that I see every day next to guardians that are overwhelmed by their dog. Some may call this dog “spoiled” I call it untrained and pushy.

How can you start now with your puppy to teach your older dog to be calm and well-mannered? I am glad you asked.

  1. Teach him to have a soft mouth and bite inhibition. 
  2. Teach your puppy to love the crate. See this post about how to identify separation anxiety
  3. Work on Stay. Stay is by definition a patience exercise
  4. Make sure he has enough mental stimulation (training) and physical stimulation
  5. Socialize your puppy so he isn’t anxious and reactive, or “jumpy” which is the opposite of calm
  6. Use this trick with a treat to get him to calm down
  7. Work on leave it and drop it to ensure control around toys and objects

Overall think about things that your puppy wants at any time and work on ways to prevent access to those things until he shows composure and restraint. This repetition will teach him that being calm is a good idea.

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