How to train a dog not to jump on people when on a walk


Does your dog jump on people when on a walk? Use these simple tips to stop this problem. 

These are easy tips to use when you and your dog are outside. I recommend watching the video, and then reading the dog training tips below. Look for other dog jumping videos to help with other scenarios. 

Dog Training Tips When Walking

Clients frequently ask about strategies to use when walking their dog outside to prevent jumping. This article explains a really easy way to not only prevent jumping, but also to teach your dog that jumping doesn't work. If you are consistent, eventually your dog will stop jumping. 

Prioritize Your Training

I recommend that you focus on jumping whenever it occurs. Even if you are working on other training topics such as leash walking, puppy biting, or sit, you should stop working on the other behaviors and switch to jumping prevention when it occurs. This way, you will teach your dog as efficiently as possible. 

Use a Fence or Tree

When your dog starts to jump, gently put the loop of your leash over a fence, or tie it securely around a tree. Introduce something that your dog wants, such as a treat or toy. AS SOON as he leaves the ground, walk away. AS SOON as his feet are on the ground, come back and give him the toy or treat. 

Your movements should be fluid and quick. He doesn't need to stay on the ground for more than a second at a time. If you expect him to stay longer than that, you both will probably get frustrated. As you do more training, you can raise your expectations and wait for a longer period of time before coming back. 

Dogs Do What Works

The whole concept involves teaching your dog to do behaviors that YOU like and give him what HE likes. That way, you are both happy! If he jumps and you walk away and he NEVER gets what he wants, then he will eventually try something else. That is your opportunity to teach him what he SHOULD do. Either say, "Yes!" or 'click' if you are using a clicker when he does what you want and then come back and give him a reward. Eventually he will learn that NOT jumping is the way to get things that he wants.  

New Distraction? Lower Your Expectations!

It is important to keep in mind that dogs do not generalize well. This means that if they learn not to jump on one person, that DOES not mean that they have learned not to jump on everyone. Each time they meet a new person (or you bring out a new toy) you need to re-teach them what the rules are. Eventually your dog will learn the rules in all situations, but this takes a long time. Also, they might need to be reminded every once in a while. Don't get frustrated. Instead, be patient and consistent and have fun!


Dog jumping problem? Teach patience.
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