Is it bad if your puppy stops walking?

Your puppy will not turn into a lazy, adult dog if he stops and refuses to move when you try and take him for a walk. There are so many concerns about puppy development and I hear this one frequently.

I have talked to people that have told me that they literally drag their puppy down the street if he doesn’t walk, because they don’t want their puppy to be lazy. Or, they they subscribe to the need “to be the boss” if they blindly follow the outdated dominance hacks that propogate like dandelions on a breezy day.

Puppies might stop walking for many reasons. Why is your puppy choosing to stop? I don’t know, but I do know that it is normal. He might be tired, he might be scared, he might be over-stimulated, or he might be interested in smelling something within range of his nose.

What I recommend is to allow your dog to stop and for you to work on socialization. Give your dog treats for noticing anything that comes by, a person, a rollerblader, a truck, etc. Give passerbys treats to give to your puppy. Let your puppy learn that the world is an interesting, safe place.

There are ways of working on motivating your puppy to “Let’s Go” when you ask. But, for now, just remember, a puppy needs to learn that he is safe and the world is a great place.


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Should you say goodbye to your dog? No.

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