Leash Training - Work Inside With Your Dog First


Train your dog not to pull by starting inside using a leash. Watch Jeff Millman work with Cheese, a golden doodle and learn how to train inside to limit the distractions. 

Stop Leash Pulling

Leash pulling is a big problem with dogs. To avoid frustration for you and your dog, you should start working inside with your dog on leash. Control the distractions by putting one distraction on your floor. You can use a treat, a toy, a food bowl, or have one of your dog's favorite people stand in one place. The goal is to train your dog to look at you or come back to you and then he gets to move forward.

Train Your Dog to Leave It

Leave it can be used to remind your dog to look at you. You can also use "Watch Me" if you prefer. 

  • Say it ONE TIME (all caps is go gently remind you that this is important!!)
  • Tap your leg, or make a "clucking noise" with your tongue to get your dog to look at you
  • Reward your dog or say, "Good" and walk him closer to the distraction that he wants

Clicker or Not?

I use the clicker usually, but sometimes I don't. Don't feel that you have to use the clicker. I strongly feel that overall it speeds up training, but many trainers never use the clicker and they have wonderfully trained dogs. The biggest concept to pay attention to is giving your dog what he wants when he does what you want. If he wants to get the toy on the ground as shown in the video, you can allow him to get it if he looks at you. Looking at you is better than pulling.

As you do more training, you should raise your expectations and wait for more advanced behaviors before giving your dog what he wants. Instead of simply look at you, for instance, maybe you ask or wait for him to take a step towards you. Then two steps, three steps, walking next to you, etc.

Next Steps

Use many different rewards and ask your dog for more duration of behaviors. Don't forget to talk to your dog "Good dog, good job, etc." when he does a good job.

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