History of Watch and Train

Jeff Millman created the online dog training video website Watch and Train in 2007 to increase the awareness of positive reinforcement dog training. His private dog training business was keeping him extremely busy and he was not able to travel to all the locations where people lived requesting his services. Before he listed a specific travel area on his Chicago Paws website, he was routinely getting training requests and questions from as far away as Texas, Vermont and Washington State.

Originally all the videos on Watch and Train were for sale. The site had customers all over the United States and in countries as far away as Australia, India and Great Britain, but Jeff wanted to reach an even larger audience. His private dog training calendar was booked up often months in advance, and he wanted to share his knowledge with anyone that was interested, not just those in his limited travel area that wanted to (and could afford to) hire him for private dog training services.

In 2011 he started redesigning the site using YouTube as the method to view the videos for free. With more than 75 hours of professional footage shot for Watch and Train, there is a vast library of material, but it takes time to edit the footage into a usable format. Jeff decided to use smaller portions of the videos add explanatory text in the blog posts to increase the understanding of the information even more. With the help of the EasyBlog component for Joomla, he was able to customize his blog posts. 

Selling products and EBooks provides further tools and information for anyone interested in working with their dog in conjunction with the free videos.

Jeff is thrilled that the site is launched (finally!), and hopes that it helps you enjoy working with your dog and increases your relationship and understanding of dog behavior. By visiting his site partners you can help support Watch and Train and continue providing free dog training videos.

Happy Training!